Building Instructions Bundle #3 with 7 custom LEGO designs


Bundle contains instructions for 7 custom LEGO City models: Farmhouse, Barn, Car Ferry, Railroad Depot, Tank Engine Train Set, Black & White Victorian House and Pickup Truck.


Custom models in this bundle

Car Ferry

This is Lions Gate Models’ flagship model – literally! 29″ long, the Car Ferry will hold up to 16 LEGO cars and small trucks and is a very impressive model.


Use this building as a farmhouse, or imagine that your LEGO city has grown outwards to incorporate formerly rural areas and now the farmhouse is right in town. Either way, it’s a fun model to build and contains the usual complete interior detail, with removable roof and upper floor.


What’s a farm without a barn? This north american classic red barn has two sets of sliding doors, interior stalls, threshing floor and hayloft, and a removable roof with a cupola and a hay hoist.

Pickup Truck

To complete your farm – a pickup truck for carrying livestock, hay, manure, tools and other odd items. Of course, you can also use it on the city streets! Build several in different colors and add a whole fleet to your town.

Railroad Depot

This is another classic design – a typical North American railroad depot from the turn of the 20th century, with passenger and freight rooms, ticket office, and living space at the back and upstairs. The passenger waiting room even has a woodstove to keep you cozy during those long waits for the train.

Tank Engine Train Set

Here’s one for the kids – a UK-style tank engine with two small goods wagons and a brake van.

Yellow, Black & White Victorian House

This is an alternate color version of the original Victorian House model, but it’s also been redesigned so that the basement floor, instead of a garage and workshop, contains a separate suite with a small garden out the front. Build several color scheme versions and have a whole Victorian street!

Order your instructions bundle now, and start building your new LEGO city!


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