Customer Reviews

Read on to find out what other LEGO builders had to say about Lions Gate Models products. Most of these people bought kits (including instructions and parts), but even if you bought instructions only, you can have the same building experience using your own LEGO bricks.

All these quotes are used with the permission of their authors (original emails on file). Some of those authors don’t use English as their first language, and I’ve left their comments as I received them.

If you’d like to send me a quote or comment on a kit or instructions you bought from Lions Gate Models, just send me a message via one of the methods on the Contact page.

Instruction CDs

I received the 4 instruction CDs earlier this week, and I am extremely impressed! I have reviewed most of the models, and I think your clever use of parts for the little details will really bring them to life. I also appreciate your use of relatively common parts where possible, and many of the designs are flexible enough that substitutions can easily be made too.
Eric Bond, Nova Scotia, Canada

Car Ferry

Just wanted to say thank you for the car ferry model which arrived on Monday. Really enjoyed putting it together, all the parts were there & your instruction booklet was first rate. Was very impressed with your attention to detail. Created for me the excitement of being on a car ferry. I would say to anyone accessing your web site – you can buy in confidence, & will get a great lego model from a fellow enthusiast, who will not rip you off. If you need to ask any questions he is very accessible by e-mail.
Sean Walsh, Alberta, Canada

Railroad Depot

I was a little apprehensive about ordering a Lego kit from someone, but after I got the Railroad Depot, and put it together, BOY was I pleased. All of the parts were there, and your instructions were very easy to follow. The finished building looks great. I cannot say enough great things about it. I am going to order your CD of instructions, so that I can build some of your kits, that you no longer have available.
Frank Bye, IN, USA

Victorian House

I purchased a Victorian House kit from Kevin Wilson and am impressed with the quality of the components (all as new), also the effort put into the design and details. The presentation of the kit was excellent and the instructions clear and easy to follow. If you are thinking of buying go ahead in confidence.

Kane Smith, New South Wales, Australia

Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall kit is a very nice model of… well, just what it supposed to represent. It has an inviting, colorful, sleek and consumer-happy facade, and the prototipical blind walls and delivery back-doors on the other side. Again great care has been taken to furnish the interior spaces. The mall consists of four different businesses with a very nice variation of types. Who else would have thought to make a dentist one of those four. Plenty of merchandise is included, making the shops look well stocked at first glance, although there are a few shelves left empty to fulfill your personal inspiration. The main color of the walls, being Blue, is very well chosen in my opinion. It gives the complex a modern and stylish appearance without being too bright. Placed amongst other custom sets, the color is a real nice variation.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Car Ferry

I am satisfied beyond all expectations with the Ferry. Beautiful isn’t a strong enough word. Probably my favorite feature is the lack of decals. Before receiving the kit, I had resigned myself not to use the yellow stripes on the deck as they would peel off over time. I was elated to find that they were not decals. I have never seen the type of construction that was used on the deck. The postive aspects are too numerous to mention (snack bar, case for fire axe, phone booth, etc, etc, etc)….. To my knowledge, this is the best kit ever produced. To me, bigger is better…… You will receive nothing but glowing reviews from me. You are the best at what you do. I think I’ll go and stare at the ferry for a while …
Steve Cleary, GA, USA

Classic Red Barn

I’d like to point out some of the (in my humble opinion) most attractive and clever ideas:

A feeding trough that runs along the life stock boxes, and the set of windows likewise.

The timber support for the attic floor is depicted as it would work in a real wooden building. Furthermore, this is separated from the floor with tiles, so it’s “showable” for appreciation.

The custom constuction of the sliding doors and the attic/hoist door. Ever since those marvelous “plate steel” custom doors of the “Factory”-kit I know you have a great talent for inventing such doors, and the “Classic Red Barn”-kit would definitely not have been the same without it’s white-trimmed sliding doors.

The nicely simulated haystack and the cute ventilation hood give your design a real finishing touch.

Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Red Cross Safety Demo house

I’m still just not sure what you can/can’t do with legos since you have amazed me with what you’ve been able to do so far. The house looks wonderful! I love the little fixtures and add ons that you’ve developed. Everything I have seen to date has been beyond my expectations. The house is really amazing and I like the people that you chose for us. The house has been a great success at the events that we’ve scheduled. Thanks so much for the attention to detail.
Red Cross of SE Florida, FL, USA

Half-Timbered Shops

In its overall shape, being nothing more than a rectangular box with a roof on top, it’s probably not an easy task to develop a LEGO-house as an interesting set to build. However, Kevin succeeded in tackling this with some key design choices:

First, it’s a double house, but the building isn’t mirrored. The two sides differ in footprint surface size, as well as in appearence. Second, some realistic irregularities have been introduced, like the recessing of the front doors, the typical overhang of the successive floors and variation of the grid size of the black “timber beams”. In several places there is a offset of the vertical posts between the first and the second floor, and I think this also helps a lot to make the building look more natural.

My order of the set included the optional Medieval Interior. Having seen the Shopping Mall kit of the Lions Gate Models kit line, we already knew that Kevin has a talent for designing original shop interiors. In my opinion he succeeded again with this Medieval Interior. The apothecary makes good use of the currently available wealth of transparent round bricks, plates and cones. The different levels of prosperity for the two shops match their different size of floorspace well.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Kevin, I can’t say it enough: I am soo happy I had you do this stadium for me! I sit for hours just looking at it – it’s way better than I had ever thought it should look like. You are great at what you do, I feel I under-paid for it with all the craftmanship you put into it.
Randy Miller, Ontario, Canada

Tan Heritage Facade

All I can say is: WOW!
Your quality of instructions, packing, and service is A+ !!
The tan facade is BEAUTIFUL!
Alex Cruz, WI USA

Open Air Market

This is an intriguing “little” set. From your pictures it seemed very simple, I bought it because I thought it would dress up a layout nicely and it has a certain cuteness quality. But building the set brought a lot more fun than I expected. Such nice merchandise objects, in particular toolstall and the hatter. The snackbar is a really nice design also, much to see cleverly packed onto small footprint. I’m glad I’ve picked it up.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Apartment Block

All I can say is: WOW!
The apt. is absolutely 110% excellent. You did a GREAT job …Thank you very much!!!!!”
Mike Southgate, CA, USA


I’ve demonstrated building Kevin Wilson’s custom ‘Cottage’ kit at the LEGOWORLD 2002 event and it attracted a lot of attention. Visitors really enjoyed seeing someone build so concentrated, and gave comments in such fashion as: “LEGO still can be a lot of fun, when you have a proper set like they used to make in the old days”. Children, boys and girls alike, also got excited and pointed out the little details that could be found inside to each other. It took me almost 2 days to build this set at the event, also due to answering the many, many questions this lovely set triggered from the general public. They simply adored it!
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Shopping Mall

I am extremely impressed at how functional and elegant are your custom kits! Especially the Garden and the Shopping Mall, if I put them all together they make an excellent combination and look like the same urban planning! congratulations Kevin!!!!
Jorge Tremont, Merida-VENEZUELA


I must admit I had doubts whether to buy this set or not. All that yellow made it look a bit dull-pale in the shots posted on the site of your shop. I was wrong! Those pictures don’t do the set justice. Having it standing in front of me, it’s a realy elegant building. The blue trimming works great with the yellow surfaces. Adding a playground is perfect.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Now that I finally have your factory constructed and gracefully overpowering my parent’s dining room table, I just wanted to say thanks for putting such quality into your product, especially in a time when it seems everyone can get away with cutting corners.
Dave Wright, NJ, USA

Victorian House

Dear Mr. Kevin, you are very neat because of your packing style!!, your architectural models really got excellent proportions and detailed things, that’s the reason why I selected your products, I am a choosy customer, thank you very much for satisfy my Lego needs
Jorge Tremont, FL, USA


This is a real eye-catcher. The roof colour [Manfred bought a dark grey roof version] is really beautiful, and the black (not available in dark grey) ridge parts don’t disturb at all, instead I think they accentuate the rim in a nice way. While showing it, the set triggered response from LEGO connoisseurs, such as “That are a LOT of dark grey slopes!”. The hexagonal facade details breaks the otherwise too massive triangular surface effectively. I also like the richness in details and all the beautiful tooling machines. Good minifigs too.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands