Building Instructions Bundle #4 with 7 custom LEGO Town or City designs


Bundle contains instructions for 7 custom LEGO City models: Apartment Block, Red/White Hospital, Classic Convertible, Dark Grey Sedan, Delivery Truck, Space Scout and Playhouse.


Custom models in this bundle

Apartment Block

This LEGO model of an apartment block contains 5 apartments, a managers office, laundry room, mechanical room with “steam boiler” and workshop, a roof garden and dozens of features in the fully detailed interior.

Red/White Hospital

The 10″ x 15″ Hospital is a re-colored version of the original Green Hospital model, and shares with it a wealth of interior and exterior details – everything from the X-ray machine in the lab, through the transfusion bottles in the emergency room, to the ducted hood over the grill in the cafeteria kitchen.

Classic Convertible

Take a cruise in this throwback to an earlier time, when the size of your car didn’t depend on gas prices! A classic black convertible with opening doors.


Dark Grey Sedan

Here’s the family car, for driving to and from work and taking the kids to soccer practice. Build a whole fleet of these in different colors to fill the roads in your LEGO city!


Delivery Truck

If you’ve got anything in the way of manufacturing or commerce in your LEGO city (maybe the Lions Gate Models Factory, Shopping Mall or even just a Corner Store), you’ll need a way to get goods from place to place. Here’s the answer, a delivery truck with plain side panels that you can customise with your own stickers or decals.

Something a little different here – this little play house is great for kids who really want to play with their LEGO creations. It has an open back for easy access (though the upper floor still lifts off, as with most Lions Gate Models designs) and inside you’ll find a living room/kitchen on the lower floor and a small bedroom upstairs. With a garden outside the front door, it’s all you really need!

Space Scout

Hey! How did this guy get in here? I just felt like a bit of a change from city buildings, so here’s a small space craft perfect for those off-earth scouting missions which come up so often in every minifig’s life.

Order your instructions bundle now, and start building your new LEGO city!


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