You can build large, detailed, professional-grade custom models for your LEGO city or town using Lions Gate Models’ custom building instructions, LEGO bricks from your own collection, and some fun building time.

Many of my large models are available as individual downloadable LEGO instruction packages which include:

  • full color, printable, step-by step instructions in PDF format (uses the free Adobe Reader software)
  • printable stickers, if appropriate
  • parts lists in multiple formats
  • uploadable Wanted List XML files for Bricklink to make ordering needed pieces fast and easy

You can also get bundles of designs – 7 or 8 sets of instructions in one download, including a variety of large and small models for your LEGO City.

All instruction downloads come as compressed ZIP archives, containing multiple files which need to be extracted before you can use them. You may need to download an app to do this – Winzip and iZip are examples.

The instruction files themselves are PDFs, while parts lists are text files or spreadsheets, and Bricklink wanted lists are XML. The instructions for the large models contain large graphic images which will not work well on tiny phone screens, so be aware that you will need something larger to make use of them.

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