Corner Store downloadable LEGO building instructions

Classic corner variety store on 10″ x 5″ baseplate, with interior stock displays, soda fountain, and rear storage room. 522 pieces. Available on bundle #1


Your minifigs will be able to buy that essential carton of milk late at night now that this corner store has opened in your neighborhood.


The Clamshell Market sells groceries, drinks and pizza, rents videos, and even stocks items suitable for a beach or marine town – fishing rods, lifejackets, binoculars, cameras, flashlights and radio or GPS units. Of course, if your town doesn’t have a waterside area, just replace whatever you wish with accessories from your own collection.
The diagonal doorway with quarter-circle awning over the top is based on a real corner store here in Vancouver, BC, and the exterior is detailed with ventilators and small stockroom windows as well as large display windows on the front and side of the store.

Removable roof reveals complete interior detail with pizza counter and soda bar, revolving racks and shelves for stock, video rack, security cameras, rear stock room, and more. Includes printable PDF of stickers for “Clamshell Market” and “Corner Market” store names.


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