Building Instructions Bundle #2 with 8 custom LEGO designs


Bundle contains instructions for 8 custom LEGO City models: Cottage, Shopping Mall, Half-Timbered Shops, Light Grey Facade, Tan Facade, Red & White Facade, Minivan and Fountain.


Custom models in this bundle

Half-Timbered Shops

This LEGO model of a historic “half-timbered” or “tudor” style building contains two small shops on the lower floor and two living spaces on the upper floor. The instructions cover both modern and medieval interiors, so you can build which ever fits your fancy, modern City or medieval Castle. As always, the roof and upper floor lift off for access, and the model features complete interior details.


A cute little cottage or cabin for your LEGO town, this building sits on a 5″ square baseplate and features a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathing area all packed neatly inside. This is the perfect model for those small corners or areas on the edge of your city.

Shopping Mall

LEGO cities are often rather lopsided from a town planning point of view, with plenty of fire and police coverage, but nowhere for the inhabitants to live, work or shop! Here’s a solution for the shopping problem, at least – a streetside mall with four stores (a hardware store, pet store, dentist and sandwich bar), off-street parking and landscaping. It even includes a LEGO car.

Red & White Facade

This building facade is one of a series, intended to be used as part of a backdrop to a city or train layout. It’s only 4 studs deep from front to back, so it takes up very little space but gives you a lot of character at the back of your street or behind a rail line. It would be easy to make variations on this and the other facade models to give you a wider backdrop area.

Tan Facade

Another facade, this time using tan bricks and special sculptural lion-head pieces at the top of the columns between the windows.

Light Grey Facade

This facade is based on a still-standing building in Vancouver, BC’s Chinatown area. The arcade in front make a nice shelter from the rain as your minifigs browse the displays in the store windows fronting on the street.


This is the vehicle for the minifig soccer moms to carry their offspring to and from games, school, band practice, birthday parties, the mall, and all the other social activities that make up teenage minifig life.


This fountain was the very first Lions Gate Models kit, back in Feb of 2000. It’s small and simple but makes a great decorative centerpiece for a city square, park, or even a private garden.

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