Half-Timbered Shops LEGO building instructions


Tudor-style building on 10″ x 5″ baseplate, with 2 shops (plus living space upstairs) in modern or medieval style. 1410 pieces. Also available in Bundle #2.


This pair of half-timbered shops (also called “black and white” or “Tudor” style) would look great on your LEGO Castle, City, Train, or Pirate layout. The large ornamental chimneys are typical of Tudor brickwork.

Rear of shopsThe LEGO building instructions for the model are very complete, fully detailed, and take you step-by-step through the construction process in full color. You can use them on your computer screen or print them out, your choice.

Building separated into sectionsHere you can see how the building comes apart into a lower floor, upper floor, and roof to reveal the interior.

Look at what’s inside!

Fully detailed upstairs and down

Ground floor interiorsDownstairs there’s a fishmonger and an apothecary (old fashioned chemist/drugstore), with medieval or modern fittings.

Fishmongers interiordrugstore interior

Medieval upstairs interiorUpstairs, the modern and medieval styles are completely different. Each shop has a separate one-room apartment above it, with stairs from the ground floor.

Medieval interior upstairsThe medieval style living spaces feature wooden tables, stools and benches, beds, and storage chests and shelves. The outhouse I’ve left up to you! The brown plate furniture in the medieval living spaces has been largely replaced by brown tiles in the actual instructions.

Customer comments…

Front of half-timbered shopsIn its overall shape, being nothing more than a rectangular box with a roof on top, it’s probably not an easy task to develop a LEGO-house as an interesting set to build. However, Kevin succeeded in tackling this with some key design choices:

First, it’s a double house, but the building isn’t mirrored. The two sides differ in footprint surface size, as well as in appearence. Second, some realistic irregularities have been introduced, like the recessing of the front doors, the typical overhang of the successive floors and variation of the grid size of the black “timber beams”. In several places there is a offset of the vertical posts between the first and the second floor, and I think this also helps a lot to make the building look more natural.

My order of the set included the optional Medieval Interior. Having seen the Shopping Mall kit of the Lions Gate Models kit line, we already knew that Kevin has a talent for designing original shop interiors. In my opinion he succeeded again with this Medieval Interior. The apothecary makes good use of the currently available wealth of transparent round bricks, plates and cones. The different levels of prosperity for the two shops match their different size of floorspace well.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Modern interior upstairs - bedroomThe modern apartments each feature a small bathroom, kitchen area, dining area, sleeping and sitting space.

Modern interior upstairs - kitchenModern interior upstairs

Build your own Tudor shops

You can build this model yourself using Lions Gate Models’ high quality instructions. Featured pieces include tan windows with opening brown lattice panes, ground floor shop windows with lattice pane stickers (printable file included), and fish from the old Ninja sets used in the fishmonger’s shop.

Order your downloadable instructions now, and start building right away!


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