Schoolhouse LEGO building instructions


Old-fashioned village school on 10″ square baseplate, with classrooms, library, lockers, bathrooms and outdoor playground. 1639 pieces. Also available on Bundle #1.


Now, your LEGO minifigs will have somewhere to send their children to school. No more teen minifigs hanging around on street corners all day, giving the Lego police too much to do, or harassed mother minifigs tearing their hair off as their families become too much for them. A more peaceful, better educated Lego citizenry is in your town’s future!

This old-fashioned two story schoolhouse accommodates up to 12 students of various ages, plus two staff. You can tell this building has a long history by the variety of additions, roof-lines, and entrances.

Look at what’s inside!

Lockers in hallwayLibraryThe students enter from the schoolyard into a hall with lockers and access to the school office and washrooms. The library is also on the ground floor.

Upstairs classroomUpstairs is a large open classroom with 9 student desks and chairs, teacher’s desk and chair, blackboard, clock, and storage along one wall including a waste bin, boombox, and VCR with large screen.

Upstairs classroomBy the maps and pictures on the wall, and the picture displayed on the screen, we can tell that the kids are studying Egypt at the moment.

Science labScience labAt one end of the upper floor is the science lab, with a microscope, several instruments on the bench, and a wall display show-ing a space mission.

RoofUpstairs interiorYou can remove the roof to reveal the inside of the upper floor, and take out the front and back upper walls to give better access.

Downstairs interiorOnce one of the walls is removed, the upper floor interior slides out completely for access to the lower floor.

Customer comments…

Click picture to see Schoolhouse detail pageI must admit I had doubts whether to buy this set or not. All that yellow made it look a bit dull-pale in the shots posted on the site of your shop. I was wrong! Those pictures don’t do the set justice. Having it standing in front of me, it’s a realy elegant building. The blue trimming works great with the yellow surfaces. Adding a playground is perfect.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Schoolyard at recessOutside, the kids can play in a well-equipped schoolyard during recess and lunch breaks.

SlideFully fenced and gated for security, there’s a slide (carefully engineered so that minifigs can sit at the top, slide down, and even stop halfway down holding onto the sides!)

Jungle gymand a jungle gym/fort for climbing and pretend play.

Bike rackKids who ride their bikes to school will find a bike rack at one end of the yard as well as the ubiquitous garbage bin.

Protoype schoolThis kit is based on the original wooden schoolhouse in the community I used to live in, still used to this day as a preschool, and very nicely maintained by the local school district.

Build your own School model

You can build this model yourself using Lions Gate Models’ high quality instructions. The LEGO building instructions are very complete, fully detailed, and take you step-by-step through the construction process in full color. You can use them on your computer screen or print them out, your choice.


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