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The murderer is always the gardener – LEGO MOC

Uh oh, I’m a gardener, should I be scared to go in the greenhouse?

Credit: @speedyhead79 on Instagram

Speedyhead79 writes:

The Murderer Is Always The Gardener Part 5

This Vignette is the final part of a series for a crime scene contest at my LUG Rogue Bricks. It is based upon a popular german song from 1971 “Der Mörder ist immer der Gärtner” (The murderer is always the gardener) by songwriter Reinhard Mey. The song is a parody of stereotypes in thrillers of the Sixties and describes in its verses several murders in different locations across Europe. The chorus always depicts the gardener as the usual suspect, until he himself is murdered in the last verse…

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