LEGO Road Construction Set 6187

The two perennial subjects for LEGO City and Town sets for years have been Fire Stations and Construction. It seems like there's a new fire station every year and new construction worker sets! The LEGO® Road Construction Set is a great variation on the construction theme, with three vehicles to build, a minifig worker to run them, and extra pieces to carry around and build with. These construction vehicles are big and simple enough for younger kids 4-5 to build, but can still hold the interest of older kids who can incorporate them into their existing LEGO play. And of course, all of them will use the pieces to build their own imaginative creations - that's what LEGO is all about!

Product Description

LEGO® Road Construction Set (6187) - Everything you need for fun road building! Build a truck, a front loader, a steamroller and much more with this exciting construction set! Includes 1 minifigure! Little construction workers can dig up all sorts of fun with this set. They can build a truck, a front loader, a steamroller and much more. Includes one minifigure. 300 pieces.

User Reviews from Amazon

This is great! My 4 year old has had a blast with it. We sat down and worked through the well-diagrammed instructions to build the dump truck, loader, and steam roller in little more than an hour the first time, about 30 minutes the second time. He did it with very little help considering he's newly 4. I would tell him, "find a skinny red piece with 4 bumps" (good for counting and description). He'd find it, then look at the picture and he'd figure out where it went with minimal help (good for following directions). There are several pieces left over to scoop up and put in the dump truck or to build other things.
This set includes enough bricks to make three different construction vehicles - a bulldozer, a road grader and a dump truck - at once and still have a handful left over. When I saw the low price for this set, I was concerned that the vehicles were going to be tiny, but each is about the size of a softball (instead of a Hot Wheels) when assembled. The box itself is about 10"x10"x"3", so it's also nicely-sized for gifting.
What a wonderful set! This has the best of all worlds: a set of general-use bricks that are great for creative play, and very good designs for some fun vehicles. I think this is the best of the creative-play sets that Lego is offering right now (early 2008).
This is a great first big-boy (and big-girl) lego set. Our three year old loves it. I put the chassis and wheels together, and he can "decorate" the vehicles with the extra brick. I think he will play with this set for years.
We just purchased this set for our 5-year old. He loves it. We wanted to get him a lego set - there's so much out there and we just weren't sure what to choose. But since he LOVES trucks of all kinds, we thought this might be a good start, and it is. It is a nice amount of legos, but once you build all three trucks, you'll want more legos to build so much more. So like I said, it's a great introductory set.