LEGO Community Workers Set

No matter how many LEGO City sets you buy, you can never have too many minifgs! These little LEGO people can be mixed and matched in thousands of ways since they can be taken apart into legs, bodies, heads and headwear (hats or hair) and put back together in many combinations. The LEGO Community Workers Set is the perfect solution where you have several children playing together, too - they can all have enough people to keep them happy role-playing and adventuring for hours on end. No more arguments over who gets the cool firefighter guy! As well as 31 LEGO people - including women! - you get dozens of accessories, like bicycles, ATV's, animals and tools. Altogether a great addition to your LEGO collection.

User Reviews from Amazon

My husband and I got this LEGO set for our 9 year old son, and he absolutely loves it. He is a LEGO nut and had been specifically looking for a LEGO people set so he can interchange the outfits, hairs, etc. to build his own LEGO characters. This set has pretty much every general "character" you can think of...from a pro-skateboarder to a firefighter. This set is also great for kids who enjoy role-play because of the various characters offered in this set. The only thing that caught us a bit off-guard was the size of the box. Based on the price we paid (around $43) we thought the box would be bigger...although there are 200 something LEGO people pieces. I guess we're just used to seeing a bigger LEGO box when we purchase a set for $40. Regardless, we all have enjoyed playing with the LEGO people.
I purchased the community workers last year for my first grade class. The boys in the class love playing with legos but now will complete any amount of work to be able to play with the "Lego" men. I purchased it for my 6 year old grandson this year. He and his friends play with it constantly. Great present for the money.
This Christmas gift was a hit! My kids are so into Legos, but never have enough people for their creations. They play with these for hours. Great for creative minds. My daughter loved the fact that it came with girl figures. In addition to the people, other great pieces are included such as bicycles and dogs etc.
I purchased this set for my 7 year old son, along with several other Lego sets, for Christmas 2008. He LOVES it! There are never enough people to go around when you are building with Legos and this set sure helps to add to the fun!