LEGO 7655: LEGO Clone Troopers Battle Pack 7655

With four LEGO minifig troopers, two vehicles, and loads of weapons, the LEGO Clone Troopers Battle Pack 7655 will add a whole new level to your child's clone army.

Product Description

The Clone Wars are on! When the Separatists attack, the Republic fights back with its legions of Clone Troopers. Build your army with an assortment of battle-ready troopers, complete with a blaster turret and speeder bike!

User Reviews from Amazon

This set comes with 4 clone trooper MiniFigs, 2 white, one red, and one yellow. The markings are pretty nice. There are only 2 blasters and a set of binoculars for the four clones, but blasters on the speeder andgun turret that you can take off if you need extra. The blasters are new, shaped like a normal clone trooper blaster and nicely detailed.
My 7 year old son loves his Legos star wars kits. He's got a bunch and the battle packs mate well for scenario play with them. Legos has been promoting the battle packs in the Legos club magazine so the odds your your kid already knows about the battle packs and wants them. No matter what Star Wars Legos kits s/he has this will augment it.
The Battle Packs are worthwhile as stand alone toys too - especially for travel. The trouble with the big Legos kits for take along play is that they tend to break up in pieces during play and a lost piece is a disaster. The Battle Packs are small and simple (and cheap). These can go with you. They are the correct size for making an airline seat back a battlefield. Heartily recommended.
I was quite disappointed upon receipt of this toy. The box is very small and doesn't look like much. However, my 7 year old nephew was thrilled with it! He was able to put the pieces together by himself (the first time he had been able to make a Lego project look like the picture on the box without his dad's help)and told me that, "This present rocks!" He spent a couple of hours engrossed with these little men.
My 7 year old son has been looking for this set everywhere we go.He has not been able to locate it. I told him if he made the grades and went to school everyday I would find it for him. Found it at and can't wait for the 6 wks to be over so I can look at his excited face when he opens it. Maybe we'll video review it later! Thanks for making it so easy and free shipping too