LEGO 7239: LEGO City Fire Truck

With two LEGO fire fighters, the LEGO City Fire Truck is ready to swoop into action to fight any fire in LEGO city! The ladder extends and the cage on the end holds a firefighter minifig to reach far into large buildings with the hose, or rescue stranded citizens. As well as the fire truck itself, with opening tool compartments and stabilizer legs to keep it steady when the ladder is extended (just like the real thing!), you get a trailer with more equipment and even an inflatable boat to help fight fires on the water.

Product Description

There's a fire in LEGO City, but never fear, the fire truck is on its way. The brave firefighters use all their gear to battle the flames and save the day. Raise and lower the ladder to fight the fire, and choose from an assortment of firefighting tools. Includes 3 firefighter figures and 214 LEGO building pieces.

User Reviews from Amazon

This Fire Truck really, really, really looks like a fire truck! The front of it is probably the coolest part, if you take it off and give it to someone they'll know it belongs on a fire truck. It has two firemen, fire tools, a shiny silver helmet (Only available in this set) and it is very durable. There are lots of very useful parts on this fire truck too so if you ever decide to take it apart, you'll have lots of cool new parts.
For my birthday today I got this lego set. It was really fun to build so I liked it. I played with it for 2 strait hours. Legos are my favorite toys. Overall this was a really really fun set.
This is the Best Fire Truck Lego Has made, I loved it so much I ordered a 2nd. Although this is more half fire truck and half utility truck it is still a cool truck. The first truck I have I kept as Lego intended, the second I turned into a non-ladder truck with pieces from other sets, and used the other ladder section for a utility truck. The recue trailer was a cool bonus, the boat looks liek a Navy Seal's Zodiac Raft, Too Bad Lego has discontinued this product It is a nice platform for building all sorts of Fire/Rescue trucks as well as other cool trucks.
I just got this for my 5th birthday and I love it! I put this set together mostly by myself and the directions are easy to follow with mommy and daddy's help. I like that it doesn't fall apart unless I want to take it apart. I like that this set comes with three things to build. The ladder is easy to snap back on if it comes off. I love all my Lego sets and recommend Legos! - Ian, 5.