LEGO 7208: LEGO City Fire Station

This set has four LEGO fire fighters, two fire vehicles (rescue truck and ladder truck) and the LEGO® City Fire Station will keep your lego-loving kid occupied for many hours, building it in the first place, then role-playing tales of adventure and heroism using the firefighter minifigs included. Any LEGO Fire Station is a wonderful addition to any LEGO town or city and a perennially popular model. Some LEGO fire station sets are over-simplified but this one has a great mix of details (like the extending ladder on the ladder truck, rescue net, cat for rescuing out of trees, pole for the firemen to slide down, and the roll-up garage doors) and straightforward, well explained building instructions.

Product Description

These brave fire-fighters are ready to handle any emergency in LEGO CITY. The alarm goes off at the Fire Station – there’s a big fire across town. Quick, run out of the living quarters, slide down the fireman’s pole and hurry to the garage where the fire truck and rescue truck are waiting to go. Put the flames out and use the truck’s ladder and jump sheet to rescue anyone stuck upstairs. That’s one emergency down…now what about that kitten stuck up in the tree? 662 pieces.