LEGO 7945: LEGO City Fire Station

With four LEGO fire fighters, two fire vehicles (rescue truck and fire chief's pickup) this super LEGO® City Fire Station will keep your child occupied for hours, first building it, then acting out stories of adventure and heroism. The LEGO Fire Station is a wonderful addition to any LEGO town or city and a perennially popular model. Some LEGO fire station sets are over-simplified but this one has a great mix of details (like the extending arm on the rescue truck, and the roll-up garage doors) and straightforward, well explained building instructions.

Product Description

Get ready to fight the fire! When the fire alarm sounds, it’s time for action! This fire station has everything you’ll need to save the day, from a central station with control and alarm rooms, to two garages with working doors, to a team of brave firefighters and a pair of realistic firefighting vehicles. Race to the rescue in the big fire truck and fire chief’s car! Truck’s ladder extends to 15 inches (39 cm). Includes 4 firefighter minifigures with equipment! Raise and lower the garage doors! Climb the ladder to the highest window! Set is divided into sub-models for easy building and instant play! 600 pieces.

User Reviews from Amazon

I bought this set for my son'e 5th birthday. He absolutely loved it and was determined to go through some of the difficulties of building a set as complicated as this one. After he built it, he put it on a table and appreciated it. Sometimes he could sit by the fire station set for about a whole hour to do his imaginary play.
This set was on the top of my 13 yr olds Christmas list. I am so glad I found it here because it was sold out in all the stores here. We had no idea this was a "hot toy" this year. My son went to building and spent a couple hours working on it. He was thrilled with the finished product and enjoyed showing us all the details put into the set.
This was our 4 1/2 year old son's Santa present this year, and he has been playing with it ever since he put it together. The instructions are quite clear for the vehicles and the buildings. My son was able to follow the directions and put everything together, with some help from my husband and me. Actually, I was really amazed at how motivated he was to put it together himself. It took a few days to get the whole station and both vehicles put together, but he kept at it. Now he is enjoying getting a chance to play with the set and it has provided many hours of imaginative play time. I really feel that this set is well worth the money.
This toy is great. Our son loves this. He's five and is just learning how to build things in Lego. Once dad helped him build it, he has gotten hours of enjoyment running the trucks, playing with the people and of course knocking pieces off so dad can fix it. Highly recommend any Lego set, especially this one.