LEGO Advent Calendar 2012

For many years, advent calendars have been a traditional way to enjoy the run-up to Christmas, with a little door or window to open for each day, and a surprise behind it. When I was a child the surprise was a picture, more recently it's often been candy, but nowadays you can find all kinds of things behind those exciting windows. LEGO has to be the best thing to get a little dose of every day till Christmas!

If your child already loves LEGO then you'll need no persuading - this is a must-have Christmas gift that your whole family can enjoy as part of your holiday tradition. If you're not yet a LEGO family (where have you been??) then the LEGO® City Advent Calendar (4428) is a wonderful introduction, with a collection of small, easy-to assemble kits and mini-people to go along with them.

This year there are two Advent calendars from LEGO: the traditional City-themed set, and a Star Wars themed calendar. Let's take a look at each one...

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 Details

How cool is this? The limited edition Advent Calendar for 2012 is the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 9509! With 24 different windows to open on tiny LEGO sets or minifigures, it wil keep the whole family interested all the way to Christmas day. You even get Darth Maul in a Santa suit and R2D2 as a snowman! With 234 pieces, the set includes mini sets of the Gungan Sub and General Grievous' Starfighter.

LEGO City Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 Details

Children who love to build can countdown to the holidays with 24 days of building fun. Celebrate 24 days of festive building with the 2012 LEGO City Advent Calendar! This all-new holiday set includes lots of minifigures and accessories, all leading up to the biggest model of all on the last day. A wonderful gift for any LEGO builder or the whole family to enjoy!

  • Each day open a new window in the specially designed Advent Calendar box
  • Each window contains a separately-bagged mini-kit or minifigure
  • Includes 24 city-themed surprises for the season, including LEGO minifigures, snowmobiles, a dog, a Christmas tree, wheelbarrow, chainsaw and more
  • Includes 7 minifigures: Santa, 3 firefighters, brother, sister and mechanic

Tons of great pieces for your city! The Advent calendar includes 7 minifigures and tons of other accessories that make your LEGO City even more exciting. Ages 5 and up.

Older LEGO Advent Calendars still available

You can still get some of the advent calendars from previous years, though in some cases they are now "collectible" and prices have risen accordingly. If you feel the need for one of these puppies, better grab them while they are still available.

But... what if you have other kids as well as your LEGO-lover, and they want their own advent calendar(s)? Fear not! Take a look below at the wide range of advent calendars available, both as part of other toy lines, and the classic type with pictures or candy.