Custom Models

I no longer offer a custom model building service, and suggest that you visit the discussion groups for your local area at LUGNET and ask there.

Apartment Block: Feb 2002

Link to Apartment Block detail page

One of two identical apartment blocks built for Mike Southgate of Torrance, CA. The roof garden and the two upper floors lift off, and interior details include 5 apartments, rental office, laundry, and boiler-room with workshop and steam heating boiler. Mike uses these models and many of my other kits for the LEGO party entertainment he provides.

"All I can say is: WOW! The apt. is absolutely 110% excellent. You did a GREAT job ...Thank you very much!!!!!" ....Mike Southgate

Stadium: March 2002

Link to Stadium pics on Brickshelf

Stadium model built for Randy Miller of Ontario, Canada. Four 32 stud baseplates wide by five 32 stud baseplates long, built in 10 sections connected with Technic pins. Details include locker rooms with tunnel entrances for the teams; audience entrances at each end with ticket booths, tiled floors, and stairs up to the stands; a gated vehicle entance at one side which accepts large semi-trailers; 4 concession stalls at the corners selling burgers, beer, pizza and souvenirs; scoreboards at each end and floodlights all around.

"Kevin, I can't say it enough: I am soo happy I had you do this stadium for me! I sit for hours just looking at it - it's way better than I had ever thought it should look like. You are great at what you do, I feel I under-paid for it with all the craftmanship you put into it." ....... Randy Miller

Safety Demonstration House: 2004

Safety Demo house built for Red Cross of SE Florida, FL, USA, to be used in demonstrating safety features of houses to school classes and at events. The house itself is built on a 15" square baseplate, with adjustable size "garden" baseplates to fit around it. Outside, planters and a picnic table can be shown to be moved inside for safety when a storm threatens, and a "dead branch" on one of the two trees can be removed for safety. All the windows and doors can be fitted with "plywood" covers to protect from wind-blown debris. Inside, an internal bathroom with no windows serves as a safe refuge, while smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are installed in the appropriate places. The removable roof is fitted with diagonal strengtheners for the trusses at one end.

"I'm still just not sure what you can/can't do with legos since you have amazed me with what you've been able to do so far. The house looks wonderful! I love the little fixtures and add ons that you've developed. Everything I have seen to date has been beyond my expectations. The house is really amazing and I like the people that you chose for us. The house has been a great success at the events that we've scheduled. Thanks so much for the attention to detail." ............... Red Cross of SE Florida, FL, USA