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Larger picture of house "Painted Lady"
Victorian house

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Kits available Oct 8-22: last chance!

Three floors plus roof all come apart to show complete interior detail, including...
  • basement with garage/workshop, furnace, water heater, stacked washer and dryer and laundry sink
  • main floor with foyer, living/dining room (including fireplace and swivel recliner) and kitchen (very upmarket, with black appliances and "black granite" worktops!)
  • top floor with bedroom (bed, side tables, chair and built-in clothes closet), bathroom with "black marble" bath, toilet and hand basin, and home office with desk, chair, computer and bookshelf
  • minifig-accessible stairs between floors
  • two minifigs.
  • bay window and small porch on the front
  • bump-out window and chimney at one side
  • garden toolshed under the exterior stairs at the rear
  • Garage doors at the front use custom stickers which you can choose to apply or not.

Here's what another LEGO enthusiast had to say:
"I purchased a Victorian House kit from Kevin Wilson and am impressed with the quality of the components (all as new), also the effort put into the design and details. The presentation of the kit was excellent and the instructions clear and easy to follow. If you are thinking of buying go ahead in confidence." .............Kane Smith, New South Wales, Australia
This house is a combination of ideas from the "Painted Lady" Victorians in San Francisco and elsewhere in North America, and the first house I owned here in North Vancouver which was a smaller, simpler version of those houses.

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Front from stair side Rear of house 4 sections separated
Front of basement Basement interior Front of main floor Main floor interior Upper floor front Upper floor interior Front of roof section

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