Own your own LEGO Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall on 15" square base- plate, includes pet store, dentist, sandwich bar and hardware store, parking, and one car.

Downloadable instr US$7.00

Also on Bundle #2

Front view of theshopping mall

4-unit shopping mall for your LEGO city

Your Shopping Mall model

Front of mallEvery LEGO® city needs a shopping mall so the minifigs can spend all their hard-earned LEGO money! This streetside mall contains four stores: a sandwich and coffee shop, a pet store, a hardware store and a dentist.

Transform yourself into a minifig and follow me on a tour...

Road entrance to mallWe arrive in the parking lot through the road entrance, carefully arranged to match a LEGO intersection road plate. (Road plates are not included in the kit).

White convertibleThere are plenty of parking spaces, just one being filled by a nifty white convertible. Your own LEGO cars and trucks can fill up the empty spaces.

Mall signThe mall sign lists all the stores, and landscaped areas soften the corners of the parking lot. We'll take a stroll along the elegant white-tiled sidewalk and visit each store in turn.

Shopping Mall

Shopping mallThe Shopping Mall kit is a very nice model of... well, just what it supposed to represent. It has an inviting, colorful, sleek and consumer-happy facade, and the prototipical blind walls and delivery back-doors on the other side. Again great care has been taken to furnish the interior spaces. The mall consists of four different businesses with a very nice variation of types. Who else would have thought to make a dentist one of those four. Plenty of merchandise is included, making the shops look well stocked at first glance, although there are a few shelves left empty to fulfill your personal inspiration. The main color of the walls, being Blue, is very well chosen in my opinion. It gives the complex a modern and stylish appearance without being too bright. Placed amongst other custom sets, the color is a real nice variation.
Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Look what's included!

Four fully detailed stores

Sandwich store signOn the corner nearest the road is the sandwich and coffee shop, with windows facing the parking lot and the main road.

Inside, the counter has bins full of sandwich makings - green lettuce, yellow cheese, red tomato and pink sliced meat. Behind the counter is a refrigerated drinks cabinet, a coffee machine and a sink.

We can sit on a stool at the high counter by the window, or take a seat at one of the tables to enjoy our coffee.

Shopping Mall

Shopping mallI am extremely impressed at how functional and elegant are your custom kits! Especially the Garden and the Shopping Mall, if I put them all together they make an excellent combination and look like the same urban planning! congratulations Kevin!!!!
Jorge Tremont, Merida-VENEZUELA

Finished your coffee? Good, let's visit the next (and largest) store, the Pet Mart.

Right by the window is a small enclosure for a kitten, usually the first stop for any kid who visits or even passes by.

Some kids, though, head straight for the cages at the back of the store containing a frog, a large tarantula, and a tame rat. Other creatures in stock today are a parrot (who talks, of course!) and an owl.

We can also buy pet supplies here - food on the shelves at the far end of the store, both canned and dry (in bins), and accessories like a grooming brush, horse whip or treat packets which are displayed on a wall rack by the door.

If you can drag yourself (or your kids) away from the animals, we'll take a look next door at Tony's Tools.

Tony sells tools, of course, including a heavy duty winch displayed in the front window, and expensive router bits in the center display cabinet.

He'll also sell you paint in many colors, and garden equipment.

Next door to Tony's is the office and surgery of I. M. Pullen, the local dentist. Hey, it's a treat to go in a dentist's office and know you're just visiting - there'll be no drilling or filling today!

The front office has a receptionists desk and a waiting area, then through the archway is the surgery, with a reclining chair, overhead adjustable light, sink and cabinets and...

...yes, the drill.

Build your own Shopping Mall

You'll have great fun building this model, and if you have kids to build it with, so much the better! It's a great way to add a commercial district to your city or town. Sturdy enough to survive kids' play (tested with a 2 year old, and three kids birthday parties!) and trips to shows, too.

Order your downloadable instructions now, and start building right away!

Shopping Mall on 15" square base- plate, includes pet store, dentist, sandwich bar and hardware store, parking, and one car.

Downloadable instr US$7.00

Also on Bundle #2

Technical Notes

  • The baseplates forming the roofs consist of one standard 16x32 stud light grey baseplate, and two custom cut baseplates, sizes 16x14 and 16x30 These can be cut from a 48x48 stud baseplate, or from 16x16 and 16x32 baseplates. Just be sure you know which light grey you're using, new or old, as they are slightly different and look a little odd mixed together.
  • Stickers are included for all the store signs. These should be printed on peel-and-stick white or clear label stock.
  • The white convertible included in the kit does not have traditional LEGO car doors, but it's designed so that they can be added very simply.
  • The pictures show red door frames. These are in limited supply, so any other color door frame can be used instead.