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Third in a series, this kit builds a "Main Street" heritage-style facade which you can attach to a building you build yourself to fit your own space. You can use it as part of a Main Street scene, at the back of a layout in a very narrow space, or wherever you choose.

View from above
Side view Rear view The facade has technic pins projecting from the back which you can attach to a Technic beam (brick with holes) built into the front of your own building shell. This allows you to remove the facade and exchange it for a different one if you wish. You can also use your own regular bricks to build the facade onto the front of your building shell during construction.

The rear of the building is flat apart from the projecting pins, so if you wish you can build it without the pin bricks and back it up to a flat backdrop. All the facades in this series will be a maximum of 4 bricks deep at the base, so you can fit a detailed street front into a very narrow space (for example, behind train tracks).

You can see a series of pictures of a "City Block" diorama using facades similar to this on my Brickshelf Gallery pages.

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Technical Notes

  • The kit includes a custom-cut 4x20 stud grey baseplate, which allows you to treat the facade as a separate unit and remove it from your building shell. You can use your own larger baseplate instead if you wish, or build directly onto your town layout.
  • Parts highlights include 8 black 1x4x5 windows with trans-light-blue panes, 4 1x4x6 opening doors in frames, and 32 trans-clear 1x2 bricks.

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