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WHY PAY RENT: New development of cute 1br, 1 bath cottage homes, perfect for couples/singles or downsizing empty nesters. Mortgage payment less than your rent, low down payment available. Call now!

I think I've been reading too many real-estate ads! But seriously folks, this kit builds a perfect little cottage for your Lego minifigs to move into, complete with dormer windows and stone chimney. You could use these in the suburbs of your Lego town, so your train and monorail commuter lines have somewhere for their passengers to live... or tuck one into a space out in the countryside and surround it with idyllic gardens, fields and woodland.

Rear of cottage
Left front of cottage The front elevation features a dormer window upstairs, with the front door and livng room window downstairs. A porch roof shades visitors at the front door, and a carriage light beside the front door welcomes them.

Here's what another LEGO enthusiast had to say:
"I've demonstrated building Kevin Wilson's custom 'Cottage' kit at the LEGOWORLD 2002 event and it attracted a lot of attention. Visitors really enjoyed seeing someone build so concentrated, and gave comments in such fashion as: "LEGO still can be a lot of fun, when you have a proper set like they used to make in the old days". Children, boys and girls alike, also got excited and pointed out the little details that could be found inside to each other. It took me almost 2 days to build this set at the event, also due to answering the many, many questions this lovely set triggered from the general public. They simply adored it!" ............. Manfred Moolhuysen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Here you can see the "stone" chimney which serves the living room fireplace, and the joints between floors and roof which are, of course, all removable. Joints in this pic are left wider than usual so that you can see them: normally they woulld be pressed closer together to become indistinguishable from regular Lego piece joints. Chimney side of cottage
Inside lower floor Kitchen detail Downstairs, the cottage features a fireplace for those cosy evenings at home, with comfortable armchairs, side table and bookshelves. The kitchen snuggles behind the stairs and includes a built-in dining nook with corner benches as well as the usual range, sink and refridgerator.
Upstairs, you'll find an open-plan bedroom and bathroom, with double bed, bedside tables, adjustable reading lamp beside the bed, storage, bath, sink and WC. Check out the fashionable hand basin set on top of the counter top in the bathroom, and the "brass" faucets (taps). Inside upper floor Bathroom

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